August 18, 2012, I gave birth to a lovely girl and called her Hyuna.


Just like what other moms been looking forward to after giving birth, I then became a BF (Breastfeeding) Mom. Since it was my first, every phase seemed to be a floating basket. Throwing something from afar, there’s no absolute catch.

I then there realized how hard it was to Breastfeed an infant. Literally speaking;  sweat, blood and tears shed!

It has been a bitter-sweet 4 months then I had mastitis.  Mastitis occurrence on my right breast was traumatizing.

What is Mastitis?

inflammation of the breast or udder usually caused by infection
                        Trapped milk in the breast specially in Lactating moms caused by blocked milk duct is one of the causes of having mastitis.
                        During that time, I was so paranoid and depressed. All I wanted was to end that phase whereas I’m experiencing the worst breastfeeding moment of my life. I was told to do things such as hot compress, draining milk every after feeding, pump even though it hurts so bad! I’m so desperate that I even believe in myths thinking there will be no harm in trying.
                         Unluckily, It ended up with collection of pus that leads to an abscess. Incision and drainage was also advised. I also took medicines. Antibiotics to be exact. My husband and I rely everything to my OB Gyne. It leads me weaning my baby before she intends to. I was so ashamed and bummed that I never had a successful breastfeeding journey.
                          I’m not even aware that I can still breastfeed even-though I’m taking antibiotics because I was also told not to. Breastfeeding group was also not that profuse and of-course nobody questioned about me weaning my child because the notion of switching from Breastfeed to Formula was just typical.
                          I was caught off-guard (recently) knowing that it is possible. That after all, I did something that I know will lead me to lifetime regrets!
                           My dear little poor girl  doesn’t like to be bottle fed. She’s been crying for several hours until she fell asleep and get used to it persuasively. I was feeling blue. I didn’t have much of a choice since I know nothing about the situation I’m in.
                         I then asked myself : “Why did I listen to them?, Why I’m not aware of that?, Why did they told me to stop tough? What if I continued? What if I had a successful breastfeeding journey? “Am I a good mom after all?”
                         I have then decided that I will not let anyone suffer from what I have experienced before. The timing was just right that  my sister got pregnant a year after. She always got my back. Mind you, her experience was far cry from mine. (That’ll be in another story:) ).
                         Today’s generation is so lucky that now, every corner of social media encourages moms to breastfeed, empowers woman, enlightens them about the wonder of lactation and even conducts seminars/events.
                          In my journey,  I was all alone. This is one of the frustrations I have that administered  me to be knowledgeable, empathize and even be involve in a group of Moms specially in my hometown, Tagaytay.
                          Tagaytay Moms is a support group for all mommies of Tagaytay City and it’s neighboring towns. It’s a Mom & Baby Support Group that advocates Breastfeeding, Babywearing, Cloth Diapering and Modern Parenting.
                           I’m so fascinated whenever I meet moms who shares their passion, experiences, beliefs and even aura of belonging. I never felt this confident talking about my own hurdle before. It really empowers me.
                           My breastfeeding story was one of the mishaps you could ever heard of. And just like you, I hope no other mom would suffer from this. I’ll do my best to prevent others especially people around me from this woe.
                           How about you? How was your breastfeeding experience? I would love to hear yours too!
As always, Have a Glamorous Day ahead!

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