August 18, 2012, I gave birth to a lovely girl and called her Hyuna.


Just like what other moms been looking forward to after giving birth, I then became a BF (Breastfeeding) Mom. Since it was my first, every phase seemed to be a floating basket. Throwing something from afar, there’s no absolute catch.

I then there realized how hard it was to Breastfeed an infant. Literally speaking;  sweat, blood and tears shed!

It has been a bitter-sweet 4 months then I had mastitis.  Mastitis occurrence on my right breast was traumatizing.

What is Mastitis?

inflammation of the breast or udder usually caused by infection
                        Trapped milk in the breast specially in Lactating moms caused by blocked milk duct is one of the causes of having mastitis.
                        During that time, I was so paranoid and depressed. All I wanted was to end that phase whereas I’m experiencing the worst breastfeeding moment of my life. I was told to do things such as hot compress, draining milk every after feeding, pump even though it hurts so bad! I’m so desperate that I even believe in myths thinking there will be no harm in trying.
                         Unluckily, It ended up with collection of pus that leads to an abscess. Incision and drainage was also advised. I also took medicines. Antibiotics to be exact. My husband and I rely everything to my OB Gyne. It leads me weaning my baby before she intends to. I was so ashamed and bummed that I never had a successful breastfeeding journey.
                          I’m not even aware that I can still breastfeed even-though I’m taking antibiotics because I was also told not to. Breastfeeding group was also not that profuse and of-course nobody questioned about me weaning my child because the notion of switching from Breastfeed to Formula was just typical.
                          I was caught off-guard (recently) knowing that it is possible. That after all, I did something that I know will lead me to lifetime regrets!
                           My dear little poor girl  doesn’t like to be bottle fed. She’s been crying for several hours until she fell asleep and get used to it persuasively. I was feeling blue. I didn’t have much of a choice since I know nothing about the situation I’m in.
                         I then asked myself : “Why did I listen to them?, Why I’m not aware of that?, Why did they told me to stop tough? What if I continued? What if I had a successful breastfeeding journey? “Am I a good mom after all?”
                         I have then decided that I will not let anyone suffer from what I have experienced before. The timing was just right that  my sister got pregnant a year after. She always got my back. Mind you, her experience was far cry from mine. (That’ll be in another story:) ).
                         Today’s generation is so lucky that now, every corner of social media encourages moms to breastfeed, empowers woman, enlightens them about the wonder of lactation and even conducts seminars/events.
                          In my journey,  I was all alone. This is one of the frustrations I have that administered  me to be knowledgeable, empathize and even be involve in a group of Moms specially in my hometown, Tagaytay.
                          Tagaytay Moms is a support group for all mommies of Tagaytay City and it’s neighboring towns. It’s a Mom & Baby Support Group that advocates Breastfeeding, Babywearing, Cloth Diapering and Modern Parenting.
                           I’m so fascinated whenever I meet moms who shares their passion, experiences, beliefs and even aura of belonging. I never felt this confident talking about my own hurdle before. It really empowers me.
                           My breastfeeding story was one of the mishaps you could ever heard of. And just like you, I hope no other mom would suffer from this. I’ll do my best to prevent others especially people around me from this woe.
                           How about you? How was your breastfeeding experience? I would love to hear yours too!
As always, Have a Glamorous Day ahead!



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           We are the Tagaytay Moms, an online based Mom & Support group that advocates Breastfeeding, Babywearing, Cloth Diapering & Modern Parenting. We aim to educate and empower mothers and families on the health and economic benefits of Breastfeeding and other modern parenting choices today!
            HAKAB NA! TAGAYTAY 2018 is going to be part of the National Breastfeeding Awareness Month and International Breastfeeding Week with the theme “Sabay sabay na magpasuso para sa malusog na mundo!” on AUGUST 3, 2018 at FORA MALL, TAGAYTAY from 10:00 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.
          We are inviting participants specially those who are living in Tagaytay and nearby towns to witness the very first Hakab Na! Tagaytay 2018.
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Girls, girls, girls! Here’s a story behind my Eyelash extensions experience. I was kinda been hesitant about having it for the very first time in my life. Thoughts like “How was it? Does it hurt? How’d they do it? How long would it last? ” Few of the questions many of you were curious about. 

There’s this thing that pushed me to have it done. First, I can do my own makeup. From the foundation, bronzing, highlights, perfecting my brows and prolly lenghthening and volumizing my eyelashes using several products that promised the said you know, “Taglines”. It looks awesome at first yet when the night comes and you’re about to sleep, reality strikes. A Cinderella story that relies on makeup  before the clock strikes, you have to be back and face reality! This is so ridiculous! Though, I know it’s a choice. But, How about the thoughts of waking up with a fresh look “Blooming face”? 

Enough with my thoughts. Haha! Then here’s the Salon I love! STYLASH EYELASH SALON. From the name itself, you know where they were experts. 

I love how they make the Retro Style sort of a Classy one. The Salon is so girly! From the wall, to the chairs and the cozy ambient reflects a glamorous stay. 

Lovely right? 

So, from the store itself to the services they offer. 

 By the time I visited Stylash Eyelash Salon In SM Dasmarinas, They were on 20% sale on Nude, Glamorous, Super Star and Full Diva. Lucky me as I thought. I got the Glamorous one! This offer have 100 Pieces of Close to Human hair eyelashes per eye + a Q 10 Collagen Treatment. You can also choose from what shape would you want it to be. From C to J. C Usually  gives you that natural effect unlike J which gives you that Flick at the end effect. 

I didn’t have the before photo of Myself but Here’s the Photo of My Bestfriend whom I reffered. 

The process 

Final look Front view

Side Awesome View

After the process, They’ll gonna give you this Guide Card which includes all of the do’s and dont’s. This one is very useful! You will also have discounts that will be consumable on your next visit!   

Here’s my after photo. 

So for my overall review, Rate 110 I will give this one 10! The results were awesome! It will now depend on how are you going to take good care of them afterwards. The perfect score I gave was based on the achievable instant Eyelashes I got after the process. 

Does it hurt? Yes! (Tiis ganda as they say) You will feel this stinging, aching effect as you open your eyes that will sometimes lead to shedding tears. This is the effect of the still wet glue that will last about 5 minutes or so depending on how you dried it up using a small handy fan. It’s tolerable don’t worry. 

How do they do it? They have this set of Eyelashes, an adhesive, twizzers and tape. They simply put one strand at a time and attached plus fill in the gaps between your real lashes to make it perfect. 

Longevity? I have mine exactly a month ago before I have it touched-up. Some have theirs two weeks or so but as I have said, This will depend on how are you going to take good care of them. 

Tips? After I step out of the shower, I kinda damp them up, took my hair blower and place it underneath my face facing upwards, dried them up and afterwards comb it with the spooley they gave us. 

Would I recommend and Try this again? I would definitely share and do it again! The staffs in Stylash SM Dasma were so nice! Kuddos to Cristy the Receptionist who introduced their services. 

Now here’s the lovely part! For all of you guys who read my review, I am going to give you my referrals!   

Stylash Eyelash Salon is having their 50% Sale!

Here’s the mechanics:

Give us a 5 star review in our FB Fan page ( stylash eyelash salon) and your next service will be 50%off ! Applicable for all services! Promo from July 1531, 2015. For Landmark Makati, SM BF Paranaque, SM Bicutan, SM Dasma and Fisher Mall only. *Terms and conditions applied.

Please have your ratings screen shot. This will serve as your proof before you get this promo. (Tell Cristy the receptionist at SM Dasma that you’ve been reffered by Kesh Jang so that she’ll knew you have read my blog.)

Thank you so much guys! For inquiries, kindly leave some comments below 🙂 

As always, Have a Glamorous Day ahead! 

My Life

Hello Fellas! My family is my most precious gift! They occupy all the happiness within me, tremendously express their love and care whereas I am very grateful that God gave me a superb gift everyone were hoping and wishing to have.  

Here’s a clip that shares some awesome moments in our lifetime. 


           Good day everyone! Thinking of applying your baby his/her Passport? Last July 3, 2015, Friday My Husband and I decided to get and apply my two years old baby her passport. I think this will be the right time to get her one since she already can pose a pleasant smile to her first “Valid ID“. Prior to that, I already search for the possible Courtesy lane since she’s an infant and I believe they will be prioritized as there’s  massive adults who had their appointments for that day. It will be a hassle for them as you know kids were short-tempered and would easily get pissed whenever they see a crowd.


      We arrived at DFA MANILA around 7:00 am. Parked in a small lot just a few blocks away DFA in front of McDonald’s. (You can’t park beside DFA because there’s no parking lot available and you literally have to walk just to get there.) We entered at Gate 3. (The one facing McDonald’s) It didn’t took us a minute before we got inside the building (unlike for those who entered Gate 1&2 which is for Appointment based only.)

           As we approached the entrance, The guard already saw me with my daughter and lead us to the second floor where the Courtesy Lane is and hand me this Passport Application Form with a Courtesy Lane printed below. I think 7:00 am was still an early time because there’s no one inside the office yet and we still waited I think for an hour before we were entertained and given our No.

           Oh, I forgot to mention that other than getting my daughter her passport, I also need to renew my Passport that expired last June 15, 2015. Thank God I’m with my daughter ‘coz I also got a chance to have mine in expedite.

             I’ve tried to have an appointment in their website but unfortunately all days for the month of July were already full and dates available is for August. ( Can you believe how long I will wait if I took that online appointment? )

           Back in our application, It took us about One and half hour to finish everything. Well if not because we came in early, maybe it will take us just 30 minutes to finish the whole process. Thanks to this Courtesy lane our government have for the smooth transaction.

           DFA Courtesy Lane includes Senior Citizens, PWD, Government Officials, Infants up to 7 years old, pregnant, etc. Please visit their website at

           One transaction costs P1350 ( Passport P1200 + Delivery P150.) We preferred ours to be delivered in our door steps because we came all the way from the south and since there’s this option, It will be more accessible rather than picking it up back to Manila. There’s an application which costs P990 with a regular time of processing which will take about a month or so. I think all of us who’s been processed via Courtesy Lane have to pay the Rush option which will take just for a week or 2.

We still have plenty of time to spend that day that’s why we decided to stroll around Mall of Asia, have our lunch and drove back home.

I hope this will help all the moms out there! 🙂 Have a Glamorous life ahead! Thank you and Godbless!

Update as of March 25 2017

Usually nowadays some of the slots for online appointment were already booked by travel agencies. Therefore you really have to book an appointment 2-3 months in advance. It’s somehow unfair to some because travel agencies booked appointment that are not been sold leads to no show whereas there should be other people wisely using it. This is just a heads up!


Who can qualify to use the COURTESY LANE FACILITATION?

Regular government employees / with GSIS / appointed by Civil Service Commission
Dependent of government employee
– Legal spouse
– Parents
– Unmarried children
Retired government employees (one year availment)
Incumbent elected officials
For barangay level, only the following are entitled:
– Barangay Chairman
– Barangay Kagawad
– SK Chairman
Endorsement from House of Representatives must be endorsed by DLLU before lodging their applications to Courtesy Lane
Media Personnel must first secure endorsement from Public Information Services Unit (PISU) before going to Courtesy Lane.
Minor (7 years old and below)
Senior Citizens (60 years old and above)
PWD (genuinely disabled) / with PWD I.D.s
Pregnant (genuinely pregnant) / with medical certificate

for list of requirements:
contact number: 5560000